erasmus 081116On the 8th of November, Dimitris Marangos, representative of Team Europe Greece, presented a presentation on the opportunities for youth mobility and training through Erasmus+ programs in the framework of the open course "Education, Training, Research and Innovation in the EU" . The open lesson is coordinated by the Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies for Education, Training, Research and Innovation.


On the 4th & 5th of November, the first transnational partners meeting for the Jean Monnet Network “NEAR-EU” took place at the TU Darmstadt. Τhe meeting attended Academics from Israel, Germany, Slovenia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and Greece.

The overall goal of the NEAR-EU project is to broaden the field of European integration studies by incorporating the domain of higher education in the research and activities of European Study Centers and departments of international affairs.

t4eambFor the second consecutive year, the University of Piraeus hosted the training seminar of “Teachers4Europe Ambassadors 2016-17” program.

workshop volunt

The Jean Monnet Chair on European Union’s Education, Training, Research and Innovation Policies, in collaboration with the International and Public Relations office of the University of Piraeus, organized on the 18th of October, the workshop “The Europe of Volunteerism” in the framework of the Open Course “Education, Training, Research and Innovation in EU”.


includu koThe kick off meeting of the of the Εuropean Jean Monnet project “Include European Union Values – IncludU” took place on the 10th of October at the University of Piraeus. The Jean Monnet projecthas been implemented by the Laboratory of Education Policy, Research, Development and Interuniversity Cooperation (ERDIC) of the department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus.