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The Jean Monnet Chair on European Union’s Education, Training, Research and Innovation Policies (2016-19) has been awarded to Dr. Foteini Asderaki, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of International and European Studies, University of Piraeus, Greece.

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The Great Bee Decline: A Threat to Us All, TSANTAS APOLLON 2021-07-08 - KEY POINTS Both domesticated and wild bees play a crucial role as pollinators in preserving the natural ecosystem's equilibrium, while at the same time facilitating the economic growth of the agricultural sector. The significant decline in Europe's bee population that has been observed in the last two decades can cause not only an environmental catastrophe but also economic instability negatively...
De- marginalizing child poverty and exclusion in the EU framework, Eftychia Kechri 2021-07-08 - Key-Points 1 to 4 children in EU currently lives in poverty and social exclusion. Small improvements during the period 2011-2019, since child poverty wasreduced only at 5,5% (Eurostat,2019). To deserve the title of a social and inclusive Europe, bigger efforts are needed. EU organs should guide the Member-States efforts. New initiatives at EU level open the way for a more promising child po...
CHINA: A NEW SAFE MARKET FOR GREEK AGRI-FOOD PRODUCTS WITH GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS, Petros Tsachouridis 2021-07-08 - Executive Summary The current policy brief deals with the agreement between China and the European Union on geographical indications. The analysis attempts to demonstrate opportunities presented for Greek producers and the Greek trade balance thanks to the new agreement. In addition, the analysis focuses on products that will be legally protected in China from 2021 and does not refer to products that...
Electric Vehicles in the European Union, Christina Afxentia Daskaroli 2021-07-08 - “CO2 is the exhaling breath of our civilization, literally... Changing that pattern requires a scope, a scale, a speed of change that is beyond what we have done in the past.” Al Gore Executive Summary Electric vehicles are becoming indeed a new reality which requires from people willingness for change and drastic shift of cast of minds in order to protect our planet from polluting gases that...
“Rainbow Plague”: A ‘New Threat’ to Polish Society and EU Cohesion, Alexandros Vasileiou 2021-07-08 - As of June 2020, nearly 100 regions and towns in Poland are officially “LGBT-free zones”. As statistically wrong as this may sound, these districts proudly claim that the LGBT “ideology” is not at all present within their borders, totally ignoring many gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) citizens. These resolutions, even though they are mostly symbolic, are providing fresh...

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