Erdic Seminar Postgraduates3The Jean Monnet Chair on European Union’s Education, Training, Research and Innovation Policies, the Laboratory “Eastern Mediterranean, Middle and Major East: Economy - Politics – Civilization”, the Laboratory of Education Policy, Research, Development and Interuniversity Cooperation (ERDIC) of the department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus, in cooperation with the International Relations Office of the University of Piraeus, conducted a seminar for undergraduate and postgraduate students regarding mobility opportunities for education, internship, joint master degrees, volunteering and scholarships, on Wednesday the 20 th of March, at 16:00-18:00, in the University of Piraeus premises.

Participants in the seminar:

Dr. Christina Kontogoulidou for the Erasmus+ program, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, Erasmus Placement and the scholarships of the German Federal Parliament.
Sofia Mastrokoukou for the preparation of CV, motivation letter, EU Aid, summer schools and internships.

Foteini Asderaki, Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair on European Union’s Education, Training, Research and Innovation Policies, spoke about the associations of the political scientists (UACES, ECPR, HAPSc, etc.), conferences, summer schools, scholarships from the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), HFRI, DAAD, Fulbright, French institute, foreign governments and bequests, internships at CERN and at International organizations and European institutions and agencies, as well as the Euraxess portal for the young researchers and the mobility of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Excelem”.

Live broadcasting with Uganda and Konstantinos Maragos from WE AfriHug and EMA Greece – Erasmus Mundus Association Greece.

Dimitris Maragos, Team Europe and Konstantinos Maragos, spoke about Erasmus Mundus and youth volunteer programs.
Spyridoula Loukopoulou made a presentation of the I Choose Europe campaign.

Georgia Plataniti presented her experiences through her internship.

The seminar also contained a presentation by a Kenyan student, who conducts his Erasmus program in Greece.

52516584 324952418135932 5555165500134129664 nThe Jean Monnet Chair on European Union’s Education, Training, Research and Innovation Policies and the Laboratory of Education Policy, Research, Development and Interuniversity Cooperation in cooperation with 3rd and 6th Regional Center for Educational Planning organised a seminar on "European Union, European Elections and Young People, European Higher Education Area, and Teachers4Europe Network" on Monday 18th of February 2019, at the Conference Room of the University of Piraeus.

Program of the seminar: [Download File]


seminar 14032018On Wednesday 14 of March 2018, the seminar "Research, Technology, Innovation, Data, Public Policy in Greece and European Funded Programs" was held at the University of Piraeus. The seminar was implemented by the Jean Monnet Chair for "European Policies in Education, Research and Innovation "of the University of Piraeus and facilitated by Dr. Charalampos Chrisomalidis and Dimitrios Maragos, representatives of the National Documentation Center. During the open and interactive discussion with the target audience, postgraduate students and doctoral candidates, the speakers mentioned the areas of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Particular mention was given on how to find subvention for postgraduate and doctoral studies and on the ways in which each individual can claim a scholarship. Throughout the seminar, the public policy adopted for the above issues, was analyzed as well as individual initiative actions. Finally, the importance of the Erasmus plus programmes for the new graduate careers and their assistance in finding work, was mentioned as evidenced by the use of statistics.

14On Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Global Day of Volunteerism, the students of Piraeus University had the opportunity to be informed about the opportunities for postgraduate studies and volunteering in Greece and abroad, during the seminar "The world of Volunteerism and Master Opportunities Abroad" conducted by the Educational Policy, Research, Development and Inter-University Cooperation Laboratory of the Department of International and European Studies.

The seminar attended the Representative of Erasmus Mundus in Greece, Konstantinos Maragkos and the coordinator of Erasmus Mundus in East Africa Lina W. Mkoji, who presented the master programmes Erasmus Mundus. Members of the student NGOS of ESN UniPi and AIESEC UniPI familiarized the students with the concept of volunteering and the new horizons it opens. Last but not least, there were presented two volunteer projects in Asia and Africa "For a better life of needy families in Vietnam" and “WE AfriHug” from the inspirers of the projects.

3On Tuesday, 28/11/2017, has been conducted the seminar ''Motivation Letter-CV'', within the framework of the open course ''Policies for Education, Training, Research and Innovation'' of the Department of International and European studies. Guest speaker was Mrs. Sofia Mastrokoukou, education and career counselor at the University of Piraeus.

All the students of the institution had the opportunity to acquire important skills for finding employment by improving their resume, learning how to compose a Motivation Letter as well as creating their own personal e-portfolio.

The open class is coordinated by the Jean Monnet Chair on European policies for Education, Training, Research and Innovation.