14On Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Global Day of Volunteerism, the students of Piraeus University had the opportunity to be informed about the opportunities for postgraduate studies and volunteering in Greece and abroad, during the seminar "The world of Volunteerism and Master Opportunities Abroad" conducted by the Educational Policy, Research, Development and Inter-University Cooperation Laboratory of the Department of International and European Studies.

The seminar attended the Representative of Erasmus Mundus in Greece, Konstantinos Maragkos and the coordinator of Erasmus Mundus in East Africa Lina W. Mkoji, who presented the master programmes Erasmus Mundus. Members of the student NGOS of ESN UniPi and AIESEC UniPI familiarized the students with the concept of volunteering and the new horizons it opens. Last but not least, there were presented two volunteer projects in Asia and Africa "For a better life of needy families in Vietnam" and “WE AfriHug” from the inspirers of the projects.